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Specialized Care
For You and
Your Loved Ones

At The Perfect Companion®, we believe trust is tantamount to quality care.

What Makes Us Perfect?

As part of our Clinical Care Assessment we learn about each client’s personality, needs and preferences in order to match them with the best choice of caregiver.

Our Process is Simple & Transformational:

Call or message us 24/7 to schedule an assessment with one of our knowledgeable and uniquely astute clinical specialists.

We will meet with you to gather and assess your personal, medical, psycho-social needs, and your special requests.

A personalized care plan will be crafted to best suit you and your indiviudal situation and requests.

The perfect match is based on our in-depth assessment of you, your medical specialists’ opinions, and your loved ones’ needs!

We take
pride in our

team of

We seek proactive individuals who possess empathy, great energy and attentiveness; who can anticipate and address the needs of our clients before they ask.

We take a unique “team concierge approach” so you’re gleaning the expertise of our entire team.

Real people
Real stories
Real impact

I am a Hospice Volunteer who has had the privilege of observing how significant your services are to a family who was experiencing the heart wrenching decline of a loved one toward the end of life. I am particularly wanting to credit and honor the professional, compassionate and unique way your Caregiver has exhibited her skills to the family during this time.

Terry P.

Phoenix, AZ

I’ve been delayed in writing this since my wife passed away, but I have finally found time and had to tell you how appreciative I am of the services The Perfect Companion provided my wife. You made her last few months comfortable and provided tender, loving care. It was heartwarming to see your everyday attentiveness and the results probably gave her a few more days of life. Thanking you again for your compassion and eloquent service.

James D.

Paradise Valley, AZ

I have had the honor of caring for both my parents over the past several years. As they aged, our family found the need to hire caregivers from time to time. We have had some wonderful caregivers, but many times they were mostly ‘medical’ and treated Mom & Dad like patients.

Greg A.

Scottsdale, AZ

The caregiver Jon chose for my father has been a God-Send. He takes care of all of my father’s personal needs. He goes above and beyond what is necessary, and does so with out being told. Not too long ago my husband and I were both ill. We were pleasantly surprised to find our dinner ready along with my father’s. I can confidently recommend The Perfect Companion Inc. to anyone who needs a caregiver.

Jackie P.

Scottsdale, AZ

I am writing to give you praises for the care you gave my mother. It went above and beyond just normal procedures, they were blessings from Heaven.

Louise B.

Phoenix, AZ

We needed 24 hr. care for my husband while I was recently hospitalized. Jon matched us up with the caregiver who he felt would best fit our needs (an incredible lady by the name of Margie). His insight as to my husband’s requirements, coupled with the sensitivity Margie provided throughout the time he was in her care, was a great solace to me during my hospital stay. I have recommended The Perfect Companion to many people already and we will not consider any other company for our caregiving requirements.

Cheryl & Jeff S.

Scottsdale, AZ

The Perfect Companion is exactly that. The caregiver has been helping us with my 88 year old mother since the early fall of 2010. As Mom’s needs increased the caregiver came every day to care for her and allow us to keep Mom at home. As a true professional and deeply caring human being, the caregiver helped our everyday life be as true and positive, encompassing Mom’s needs and what helps the entire family. She has taken such excellent care of my mother, attentive not just to physical care and cleanliness, but what would make Mom’s day more enjoyable.

Jeanne Z.

Scottsdale, AZ

Where there is the greatest love, there are always miracles.

-Willa Cather

Thank you for your fine services. With blessings and good wishes for the coming year!

Ambassador B. & Family

Scottsdale, AZ

I am a Hospice volunteer who has had the privilege of observing how significant your services are 2 a family who is experiencing the heart wrenching decline of a loved one toward the end of life.

I am particularly wanting to credit an honor the professional, compassionate and unique way your caregiver has exhibited her skills to the family during this time.

I have watched the family in the throes of chaos during the last year turn into a more serene, peaceful and accepting place with your caregiver’s love and support over the last several months.

Even the pets have exhibited a more calm disposition. Your caregiver appears to have had a tremendously positive effect on everyone in the family since I’ve been involved in the process of their loved one’s dying process.

I wish to express my appreciation for your organization and the particular talent of your caregiver during my experience in this situation.

I completely and totally express my support and recommendation of your organization based upon my experience with you, your caregiver, and my patient during this past year.

Highest regards,

Terry P.

Phoenix, AZ

To Friends of Jo:

Our June 2012 Golf Tournament was a huge success. Through all your support, we were able to raise almost $5,000 to help Jo in her search for a kidney. The tournament could not have been a success without all your financial donations, entry fees, hole sponsorships, and participation in the luncheon that followed the tournament. Each year we meet new friends who come out to support Jo. This year was no exception; new friends came out and supported Jo by playing a round of golf on a beautiful day.

Our volunteers who gave up their free time to assist in various events like putting contests, are deeply appreciated. We’ll be putting pictures on the website that our friends Jean and Doug Rapoll were kind enough to take. We’ll also be posting scores, so check out the website.

Jo had planned on being there but was not able to attend in person to show her appreciation because she was in the hospital. The card that was signed by all the golfers was priceless. To Mark, who has emceed our tournaments, and to our auctioneer, thank you.

Most of all, we want to thank our executive board, Ron Baker, executive director, and other very active members, Nancy Hollingsworth, Deb Walker, Jon Siegel, and Lynn Rosenberg. Words can’t describe our appreciation for all you do for Jo.

The search for Jo’s new kidney continues. She has received infusions with no success, has been hospitalized twice, and is on numerous prescription drugs. Your contributions have also helped offset some of the co-pay expenses for her prescription drugs and hospital stays.

We are truly blessed to have friends like you who want to see Jo get her new kidney. Please keep up in your prayers and we look forward to seeing you at the next fundraiser for Jo.

God bless you,

Bill, Naomi and Jo C.

Scottsdale, AZ

My father is 92 years old and it had been very healthy until he contacted pneumonia last November. With the onset of pneumonia, suddenly my father could not walk, stand, eat or go to the bathroom by himself.

I was very distraught after figuring out it wasn’t likely my father was going to get much better. I went to see Dr. R., who had been my father’s doctor for years, and he recommended The Perfect Companion. Explain that the owner of the company was uniquely qualified to work with the elderly because he was a geriatric psychotherapist who matched his geriatric clients with the companion that best suited their special needs.

From the first meeting we had with John Siegel we knew that we had someone special to help us in our quest to keep dad at home with us while still maintaining a normal lifestyle for my husband and me. Jon and his staff expertly guided us through the ins and outs of getting proper supplies and equipment without the learning curve it would have taken if we had to mettle through on our own. 

The caregiver that Jon chose for my father has been a Godsend. He takes care of all my father’s personal needs like showering, fixing his meals, washing his bedding, giving him his medication, gives him breathing treatments as necessary comma and cleaning. He makes sure that my father gets a little physical exercise every day and takes him for walks in his wheelchair, weather permitting.

The caregiver goes way above and beyond what is necessary and does so without being told. He always offers to help my husband and me with work around the house and sometimes just grabs the vacuum, broom or dishcloth and goes to work. Not too long ago, my husband and I were both ill with bad colds and were pleasantly surprised to find out OUR dinner was ready along with my father’s.

I confidently recommend Jon Siegel and The Perfect Companion to anyone who needs a caregiver. I truly can’t say enough about all the good work they have provided for us and the peaceful feeling that we have knowing that my father is not only getting good care, but loving care. Feel free to contact us if you would like to do so.


Cheryl and Jeff S.

Scottsdale, AZ

My husband and I first had the privilege of getting acquainted with Jon Siegel, founder and president of The Perfect Companion, Inc. when he was referred to us by a case manager from an Arizona health care company. My husband had spent several weeks in a rehab facility recovering from a fall In October, 2008 and Jon first appeared at our home in December to assist with his continuing care.

As we got to know John during his weekly visits, we realized that he was a special person who demonstrated a great degree of compassion and caring for his patients and clients. We discussed not only my husband’s current health issues but also his possible future needs in light of his restrictedly ability to get around without the use of a wheelchair. We decided that John’s company comma the perfect companion, might well be not only the perfect solution to help with some of my husband’s needs, but also give me some well-earned respite as his caregiver.

During the past few weeks, I was hospitalized for a couple of different surgical procedures and needed 24-hour care for my husband while I was in the hospital. Jon matched us up with the caregiver who he felt would best fit our needs, (an incredible lady by the name of Margie). His insights as to my husband’s requirements, coupled with the sensitivity Margie provided throughout the time he was in her care was a great solace to me during my time in the hospital.

I am due to have an additional surgery next week and I’m helped by knowing that my husband will experience the same quality of care and attention as the previous two occasions.

One of the most important criteria in selecting a caregiver to stay in your home and take care of your loved one is the feeling of complete trust in that person and that is what The Perfect Companion provides. In contrast to many of the larger caregiving companies in the marketplace today, Jon makes sure that not only is each one of his caregivers vetted thoroughly, but also that each and every one of his clients is matched up with the caregiver who best fits his or her needs. I have recommended The Perfect Companion to many people already, and my husband and I will not consider my any other company for our caregiving requirements.

Jackie P.

Scottsdale, AZ

Direct Quote from the Memorial Program for TPC’s Client:

The family would like to thank Judi’s wonderful caregivers from The Perfect Companion and the nurses at The Hospice of the Valley Eckstein Center for their tender loving care for this special lady.

-The entire family

Scottsdale, AZ

We care for you, to enrich your lives.

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