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Field Services Coordinator Details:

Adult In-Home Care and Estate Management Services

Adult In-Home Care and Estate Management Services:

The Perfect Companion offers the highest quality of non-medical homecare services to seniors/older adults.

We’ve been trained by the Ritz-Carlton

★Our environment is more entrepreneurial than most since we are a boutique firm, not a national franchise. 

In-the-field client services, intake, matchmaking, inspiring…

Are you an exceptional techie, organizer, outstanding communicator and a naturally inspiring  people coordinator?

Do you work incredibly well with staff, referrers and caregivers?

Do you truly enjoy learning, solving, optimizing the use of technology, staying organized, and making a difference?!


(Full-Time or Part-Time, but our clients and our team members are relying on you as their leader in the field, so you’re required to commit to shifts with extreme reliability)


Our team is devoted to making a difference in people’s lives,
every day.

We care about good health, happiness and enriching every life we touch.

We’ve been trained by the Ritz-Carlton, and our environment is more entrepreneurial than most since we are a boutique firm, not a national franchise.

The Perfect Companion (TPC) is a unique senior homecare services company that provides care navigation, psycho-social and physio-social support for the seniors we serve. Our model of care also supports and exceeds the expectations of the care providers and loved ones responsible for those seniors.

While we are a non-medical homecare services and estate management company, this position requires clinical expertise and insights that can continue to knock us over-the-top when it comes to the value we can bring our caregivers, clients and our precious referral partners. Our most ideal candidate is a retired medical specialist, retired nurse, retired functional medicine specialist, or alike.

This position also requires expertise in the use of technology to stay organized, most efficient and most effective. We use Office365, ClearCare, and social channels such as Facebook and Facebook Groups.

Since your work is primarily in-the-field, and often involves face-to-face interactions, and the transport of clients, this position also requires you have a clean, comfortable and reliable vehicle, and a professional presence at all times.

We serve client’s every day of the week and 24/7, so you can choose the dedicated shifts you’d like to work and we coordinate your shifts with other Field Clinical Care Coordinators. It’s important for you to work in harmony together so vital details do not slip through the cracks during shift changes.

Mission: To always provide a higher-level quality of care than is represented in the marketplace in an effort to help clients experience the safest and most enjoyable life possible because we’re a part of it.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help keep all communications and activities best aligned with our founder, Jon Siegel’s vision, and the mission and vision of the company.
  • Do what it takes to create an exceptional environment of care for our caregivers, as well as for our clients.

A GREAT Coordinator Naturally Attracts and Retains New Clients and Great Caregivers:

✔ Naturally attract the best clients for TPC.

✔ Facilitate the identification of best client referral sources and nurture those relationships.

✔ Guide the client intake process, and help matchmake the best caregivers for the client (coordinate this all with the back office staff).

Measures of Success:

✔ Continuous improvement of the way we lead our caregivers, our client’s experience of The Perfect Companion, and our caregiver training.

✔ Since this position is the key contact between the field and the back office, the happiness levels of all stakeholders is a measure of success.

✔ Happiness leads to improved care outcomes that exceed all of our competitors in the market, and prolongs the loyalty/longevity of our caregivers and of our clients.

✔ It also leads to highest quality referral business from our clients, our referral partners and our caregivers.

✔ Positively influence and contribute to content and the nature of our training and development programs so it upholds our quality and retention goals as well as our mission and vision…and market-differentiation.

✔ Establish and monitor caregiving on-boarding to optimize safety and quality standards and that uphold our mission and vision.

✔ Maintain our QA and history of zero safety incidents.

Strategic Contributions:

✔ Since we are not a franchise, we are more entrepreneurial and you have a voice!

✔ You’re encouraged to share intelligence from the field, our client base, our back office experience, and from referral partners for continuous improvement and for growth strategies.

✔ Help inspire leadership to innovate new approaches and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Proudly Serving the best and most successful seniors, families, planned living communities and professional senior services providers in the Greater Phoenix Area since 2008.


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