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Caregiver profile…what to look for?

When you make the decision to bring a caregiver into your home, or the home of your aging parents or relatives, there are some characteristics you want to put a premium on.

Someone who has a caregivers heart. What I mean by this is a woman or man who are genuinely engaging and communicative to the needs of your family member. This is someone who smiles effortlessly and bonds quickly with your family member. This is critical to the success of the relationship between the caregiver and the client. This is why we personally introduce each caregiver to each client we have on service. This helps ensure a better fit for both parties.
Make sure to drop in occasionally without letting the caregiver know you are on the way over. This way you can make sure they are engaged and performing the tasks they were hired to do. Now sometimes this just may be sitting and visiting with the family member, but if that is the case they should still be attentive to any tasks they are charted to do IE cleaning and cooking, laundry and shopping just to name a few.
Make sure to ask the agency you are hiring the caregiver from to provide fingerprint cards and other papers of accreditation from relevant schools. If you are letting someone into your house, you want to make sure they have been vetted.
4. Finally make sure the caregiver is courteous and dressed professionally. Also make sure they are self starters. As soon as they know what their roles are in your home they should not need to be told what to do. You are paying for service, and being a self starter is part of the arrangement.

If you keep these suggestions in mind your care giving experience will go much more smoothly!




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