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The Perfect Companion Inc. is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care. Our health care, clinical and functional medicine backgrounds mean that your loved one will be in the best hands. Our wide range of services, coupled with the friendly demeanor of our dedicated staff, ensures the best experience possible, for you and your loved one.

It Takes a Village:

Enjoy life more, even through tough times

Solidify goals, roles, relationships.

Family dynamics can rock!

The TPC THRIVE model

Travel Assistance – Keep you enjoying your homes, getting to appointments, and staying safe and active in the community.

Holistic Care Navigation – We keep you abreast of best providers and alternative treatments and approaches to health, safety and care success.

Responsive and Pro-Active Assistance – We keep a keen eye out for goals and changes; both good and bad, so we’re always providing the best care assistance you can count on, every day, and every night. …and we sleep with one eye open😊

Innovative Solutions – We are clinically trained and always learning and implementing new approaches to psychological and physiological care strategies.

Value Add Approach with All Ecosystems in Mind– We perform with your goals top-of-mind and are outcomes-oriented no matter what the scenario; offering qualitative and quantifiable value.

Enriching Model of Care – Always offering top-notch psycho and physio-social support for our seniors and family dynamics; staying active in the arts, physical activities, nutrition, and encouraging behavioral improvements.



The Perfect Companion Inc. offers a wide range of plans, each tailored to meet your unique needs. The Perfect Companion Inc. is proud to offer the following services:

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to elder care, as each individual has different needs.

Companionship care helps seniors meet their social needs, while attending to the activities of daily living safely and with dignity.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Older adults face unique psycho-social issues, and we consider these with each of our clients. We also serve adults with psychiatric or developmental conditions.

Grief is a normal and healthy response to loss; however, it may resemble clinical depression and affect daily functioning while it runs its course.

After medical or cosmetic surgery, we provide care during recovery.

Family caregivers often have several obligations in addition to caring for their loved one. Our caregivers can provide 24-hour care, or respite care based on your schedule

These conditions not only require specialized care, but meaningful involvement with family caretakers.


“Our primary mission as a company is to match up the individual personality and skill sets of our Caregivers, with the individual personality and needs of our clients.”

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