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Be Your own best advocate

When you are entrusted with taking care of your aging parents, the emotional impact is significant. Not only is it very difficult from a physical standpoint, but from an emotional standpoint as well. We are fortunate that our care giving company was founded by a geriatric psychotherapist Jon Siegel, which enables us to provide holistic care in the home. Not only are we tending to the physical needs of your parents, but to their emotional needs, as well as your well being if you happen to the the family care giver of record.

But many in home care giving companies do not have the behavioral component we are fortunate to have, so what to do then? Well you can ask for testimonials from clients who have used the service of the company(s) you are interviewing as care givers for your parents. First person validation of a company goes a long way. So does first person accounts of less then stellar care. You have to be the best advocate by asking the questions you need to have answered before bring someone into your parents home to take care of them. If you take these simple steps on behalf of your parents you will be in a position of strength when deciding on a company to provide in home care giving help for your folks.


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