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Remember the song Bingo…B…I..N..G..O bingo is his name oh? Well to remember EIPPO just hum the song Bingo in your mind the next time you are talking about taking care of an elderly parent as they attempt to age in their own homes.

Most elderly parents are taken care of by a female relative, more often then not a daughter. EIPPO can come in very handy when you are undertaking the emotional task of taking care of your folks in their homes.

E stands for education. Get acquainted with the industry, professional options for you and your parents, and FAQ’s about caregiving.

I stands for intervention. This is a critical element of caregiving. We look to educate the caregiver with our professional staff so that they can intervene at the appropriate time when their parent is in decline. We point out several of the key warning signs to look for, which can head off a more critical situation from taking place.

P stands for prevention. Throught education and intervention many times you are able to prevent the decline of your parent. PO stands for preferred outcome. The PO in this instance  is a smoother transition for your elderly parents and helps mitigate any medical conditions they have might experience without your help and guidance and education about the aging process.

So there you have it….EIPPO…. if we can be of any assistance please let me know.

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