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Be Prepared

If you are your parents caretaker, and they seem to be in relatively good health now, remember that can all turn on a dime. It is better to be prepared to make serious decisions for them before they are in a state where they cant make their own decisions based on their quality of health.

Sit down with them, and any other family members who are directly connected to your folks, like brothers and sisters, and determine which family members will be officially designated as their MPOA, FPOA, or simply their POA.  POA means power of attorney, MPOA is medical power of attorney, and FPOA is financial power of attorney.

The best way to accomplish this to get the family attorney to schedule a meeting and have your parents designate who they would want to perform in what capacity while they still have all of their faculties and abilities. This way their is no gray area if and when a medical situation or accident should occur. It is always better to be prepared.

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