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Be prepared….

Growing older, living longer, being a custodian of our parents care, these are all topics that are much more prominent as all of us boomers age. We all know health care is expensive, so first and foremost if you can put away some rainy day medical care money you certainly wont regret it!

If your folks are getting older, find out from them if they have anything put away for their care going forward so that you dont get blindsided when and if a medical emergency presents itself.

A big piece of information that will aid you going forward is to find out from your parents if they have paperwork already in place, and where it is in their homes. Do they have a will and or an advanced directive? Also who will be their POA Power of attorney in the event they cant make decisions for themselves. In fact their may be multiple family members who can fill a variety of roles like POA, FPOA and MPOA. Their financial power of attorney might be your sister who was a CPA, and their medical power of attorney another family member who doesnt mind making tough medical decisions.

Find out if they want to stay in their own homes, or are alright with going into an assisted living facility or group home. You can also make the same provisions for yourself and your spouse, and let your children know your wishes.

All of these preventative measures can go a long way in offsetting all of the emotions associated with a long term illness or sudden death.

Be prepared!


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