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Elderly Depression

We dont talk about it, but it is everywhere. Elderly Depression in the age group 65 and older is a major contributor to healthcare costs and is projected to be the leading cause of disease burden in middle and higher income countries by the year 2030.

This means we need to be more vigilant for our loved ones, our spouses, our parents and grandparents. There are many great counselors today who can assist in overcoming depression, and several great anti depressants that can help mitigate the effects of elderly depression.

One of the major issues involved is this age group was told to tough it out growing up, so many see it as a sign of weakness to ask for help. We need to let them know there is no shame in getting help, the same type of help they seek out in their medical doctors for disease processes in the aging process.

If you see symptoms of elderly depression gently suggest to your loved ones that there are many great methods of treating their depression, treatment that can put a smile back on their face and a spring back in their step!

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