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Emotions of aging…

Lets face it we are all getting older, and for some that transition is more difficult then others. You look in the mirror you don’t see a 60 year old, you see the young vibrant 25 year old you were 35 years ago, but your body and mind are speaking a different language. Imagine your parents, further down the aging spectrum then you are, in their mid 80’s. They face a series of physical and mental challenges they are not accustomed to.

So the question is how can you help? Well the first thing is to validate their feelings. Make them feel good about what they have accomplished, and help them figure out a game plan for the rest of their days. If they are facing physical challenges, help them write out questions for their primary care providers. Have them make out a copy of the questions for their doctor and one for themselves so they can make sure they get all of their questions answered. I tell my Mom to throw me under the bus at the beginning with her doctor. I tell her to say her son insists that these questions get answered, that way she doesnt feel timid about getting the questions answered. If they are having behavioral issues consult a geriatric psychotherapist, someone who specializes in mental issues encountered by the elderly.

With a little due diligence and persistence our parents can be taken care of in the manner they require and deserve.

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