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Our Perfect Companions

Last year, while writing a LinkedIn article titled "Trust and Culture - The Mutuality of the Relationship”, I discussed the core values that have motivated our corporate culture that differentiates The Perfect Companion from other non-medical in-home care companies in…

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Arizona Covid-19 Update on Essential Services and Isolation

*Obtain necessary supplies/services/equipment:household consumption/use family, household members,pets. Groceries, food needed to work from home, assignments for completion of distance learning,maintain safety, sanitation and essential maintenance. *Engage in activities essential for health/safety. Seek medical, behavioral health/emergency services. Obtain medical supplies or…

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Especially RIGHT NOW, a Vitamin C I.V. can’t hurt!

One of our favorite doctors, Dr. Steven Katz, a naturopath physician in Scottsdale, supports proactive infusions of vitamin C to help thwart COVID-19 or whatever else might be flying around.

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